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Request Result #4 by AvoraComics Request Result #4 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 279 27 Request Poll #4 [CLOSED] by AvoraComics Request Poll #4 [CLOSED] :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 8 13 Request Poll Result #3 by AvoraComics Request Poll Result #3 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 515 24 Group Request Poll #3 by AvoraComics Group Request Poll #3 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 8 42 Group Request #2 by AvoraComics Group Request #2 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 501 25 Group Poll #2 (RESULTS) by AvoraComics Group Poll #2 (RESULTS) :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 3 22 Group Request #1 by AvoraComics Group Request #1 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 506 23 Request Poll #1 (Results Update) by AvoraComics Request Poll #1 (Results Update) :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 5 81 Kattspark Comm. by AvoraComics Kattspark Comm. :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 397 19 Ohblaargag Comm by AvoraComics Ohblaargag Comm :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 635 6 Napalm25 Comm by AvoraComics Napalm25 Comm :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 439 15 Sonny134 Comm. by AvoraComics Sonny134 Comm. :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 570 10 HungryScorpion Comm. by AvoraComics HungryScorpion Comm. :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 683 30 Chasers 16.17 by AvoraComics Chasers 16.17 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 268 49 Poofy Distraction by AvoraComics Poofy Distraction :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 42 79 Chasers Ch. 14 Loop by AvoraComics Chasers Ch. 14 Loop :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 300 48


Request Result #4
And here it is! Thanks again for all of your votes, everyone. :)

Fun fact: The redhead is actually Lana's mother, Araceli.
Request Poll #4 [CLOSED]

SORRY ALL! I forgot to put in the "Willing, Unwilling, and Accidental" question for the prey. So I just did a random number generator to select the choice. My bad. >.<


Pred: Female, Tall, Curvy, Red Haired, Willing

Prey: Female, Average-Height, Overweight, Black Haired, Unwilling

Setting: Mean-Spirited, Fatal

Request Poll Result #3
Sorry about the delay on this one, everyone! I caught the flu bug that was going around and was stuck in my bathroom for literally four days. Not fun. But I'm feeling much better now and back to 100%!

So here's request #3, featuring one of my characters that'll be appearing after Chasers is completed. Well, two, but seeing as you only heard Cassius instead of seeing him, I don't know if that counts.

Thanks, all! The last request poll will be up in a little while!

Group Request Poll #3
UPDATE: Poll Closed! Here are the results.

Pred: Female, Average, Curvy, Brown Hair, and Willing
Prey: Female, Average, Overweight, Black Hair, and Unwilling
Comic: Curious, Oral Vore, Fatal

Fun fact, the body type for the prey was actually tied between overweight and athletic. Had to flip a coin for that one.

Thanks for your votes, everyone!
Group Request #2
Here it is! I wanted in incorporate the body types into this one, since I thought it'd be too expected to have the jealousy stem from some kind of a relationship. Being tall myself, I often encountered teammates in high school who were jealous of my height, so I figured a bit of real life would make a more interesting mini-comic!

I'm going to do one more mini-comic poll for sure, and then probably a single-image. The mini-comics are really helping me get back into practice with form, but I also want to have time to take it slow and really get the shading right with a single image.

Keep an eye peeled for the next poll. It'll be up soon!

Judging by my inbox, I'm sure you've all noticed my unexpected absence on DA these past few months. I don't normally like to talk about my personal life online (don't even have a FaceBook IRL), but I feel you all deserve to know what spirited me away.

My grandpa fell very ill very suddenly. It began with a stroke, and then it evolved into full-blown dementia. My family and I were there with him these past few months to settle his affairs and to help my grandma move out of their home of 52 years and in with my aunt. I don't live close any more, so that meant a lot of long days and a lot of driving.

It's been exhausting. I'm sure everyone who's lost a relative to dementia knows this. I think the most frustrating part of it all was watching him fade over these past few months, getting worse and worse, and knowing he wouldn't have a quick, peaceful passing. It's still hard to see how this hurts my grandma -- she's known him since she was 14 years old.

He died last week surrounded by his family, and we buried him on Tuesday. I'm upset, but I'm happy that he's not suffering any more. It was just so, so bad. My heart goes out to all of you who may have someone in your life suffering like this, too.

On a happier note, I'm ready to get back into my lifestyle now that my grandma is settled in with the best aunt ever.

I literally have not drawn once during this entire ordeal, so I'm horribly out of practice. To get back into things, I wanted to reconnect with everyone. I thought a request poll would be a good way to start.

Vote for what you'd like to see here: [Click link]

If you've left me a comment while I've been away, thank you. I can't go through everything, so if you had something you needed to discuss with me please send me a new message or note now.

Take care, everyone. See you soon.


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Pyrottin Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
If you like vore as a storytelling device, the best example I've found is this comic:…
The drawing is rough around the edges, but the story is both really disturbing and fascinating.
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Apparently, this guy is posting your stuff.
From the look of it, no credits.
AvoraComics Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
Thanks for the heads up! I'll talk to him.
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